Breast augmentation gave me a hot new look!

Dr. Lista is beyond amazing! He’s not only super talented and professional, but he’s so warm and friendly. I felt really at ease in our appointments, and by the time I’d gotten through the consultation, I knew for sure I wanted to book a breast augmentation appointment at his clinic. I’m so confident now with my new breasts, and I feel sexier than ever! If you’re thinking about getting your breasts done, let me just say that you should definitely at least book a consultation with Dr. Lista. I feel better and I look great, and my boyfriend’s pretty happy about it too! Dr. Lista changed my life and he can change yours too!

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Happy with my new nose

I went to Dr. Lista for my nose job and he did a great job. I was kind of embarrassed to book the consultation, but the truth is I was always interested in having my nose done. Dr. Lista helped me feel more comfortable about the procedure and I decided I could really trust him and his staff with this work. He walked me through the recovery process before we even started so that I’d know what I was getting into. Any hesitation I had about the procedure just slipped away once I’d met with him, and I knew I was doing the right thing for me. I am truthfully really happy with my decision and even happier with my new nose. It was really easy to book my consultation online and I’d definitely recommend Dr. Lista to anyone.

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