A whole new me

I can’t believe how much I love the way my eyes look after getting an eyelid lift! I hadn’t really planned on plastic surgery until a friend of mine recommended Dr. Sammy Sliwin. She had her nose done by him and she looked so fantastic that I decided to book a consultation and come in for an appointment. Dr. Sliwin didn’t put any pressure on me, he just wanted to inform me of my options and to explain the recovery process really clearly so that I could make my own decision. He waited until I was really sure that I wanted to have the procedure. Dr. Sliwin provided me with really clear and straightforward instructions for the recovery and answered all my questions every step of the way. And his staff was really fantastic and helpful through the entire process. They’re so friendly and really go the extra mile for their patients. I’m just so over the moon happy with how my eyes look now, it’s actually transformed my whole face. I’ve felt self conscious about my lids for a long time now, and now I’m way more confident when I’m out at parties or at the office, just knowing I look way more refreshed and bright eyed. A huge and happy thank you to Dr. Sliwin for his great work, and to his team for taking such good care of me.

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