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My experience with Dr. Sammy Sliwin was amazing, and I’d recommend him to anyone! He’s such a friendly and warm doctor, and has a super helpful and caring staff! He has got to be one of the best plastic surgeons in the whole city. There are a lot of doctors in this city and I looked around for a long time before deciding to go with Dr. Sliwin, and he just seemed to me to be the most trustworthy and reliable surgeon with so much experience in his field. I really felt safe having him perform my nose job! Like, my nose is so important to my whole face, I was really careful about the doctor I wanted to trust with my nose job. But I booked a consultation with him and right away he was giving me really informed recommendations about the shapes and looks that are available to me, and he really talked me through the recovery process. I knew right away I wanted to book the procedure. And his staff was super nice and really made me as comfortable as possible through the whole thing. I feel way more confident and happy about my face now. Seriously, my nose used to drive me crazy and I can’t believe how much this new look has helped. His team is really professional and I’d recommend Dr. Sliwin to anyone in the GTA!

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