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Dr. Frank Lista


Dr. Lista is on the forefront of plastic surgery in North America. He is both the founder and the director of The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Toronto, Ontario and is internationally recognized as a pioneer in new cosmetic surgery techniques. He specializes in breast reduction, breast augmentation, gynecomastia (the reduction of excess breast tissue in men), and operating room efficiency. Dr. Lista cares about beauty and wellbeing and has chosen to dedicate his professional life to making the world a more beautiful place. Under his direction, The Plastic Surgery Clinic even developed an anti aging skin care collection called Miracle 10. Without specializing in one specific area of plastic surgery he has managed to gain knowledge of many different areas of the practice and is dedicated to providing his clients with the most information possible before choosing to embark upon such a life-changing journey.

Dr. Lista is a published writer in many academic journals and textbooks. He is frequently invited to present papers at universities around the world including top schools like the University of Toronto, Yale University, and McMaster University. He was the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Trillium Health Centre and has traveled through North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia to present his techniques and research. In 2012, Dr. Lista was named the Traveling Professor for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Though based in Toronto, Dr. Lista holds board certification in both Canada and the United States and chooses to practice in both countries. When he’s not working or traveling, Dr. Lista prefers to study art, architecture, world history, and philosophy or spend time with his family in their summer home in Florida.

Over the years, Dr. Lista he has helped many patients realize their dreams of morphing their bodies into sleek, radiant, and beautifully contoured works of art. At more than 1200 surgeries a year, Dr. Lista is one of the busiest surgeons in Canada. He realizes how important the decision to undergo plastic surgery is and takes the time to provide all his patients and potential patients with in-depth information about all aspects of the procedure. The patient is always a top priority and their safety and security is always paramount. Education and reassurance at the best ways to relieve anxiety caused by insecurities and keeping this in mind, Dr. Lista consistently strives provide exactly what his patients are looking for in the physical, mental, and emotional sense.

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