Dr. Hugh McLean Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hugh McLean


Dr. McLean graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto and has since completed specialized plastic surgery training in both Toronto and Miami. He is certified by the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada and the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, Inc. as a specialist in plastic surgery and now rests as the former Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Mississauga Hospital. He opened his own practice, McLean Clinic, in 1988 and has since been dedicated to helping the people in the GTA feel better about themselves both on the inside and out.

Taking a careful and relaxed approach, Dr. McLean uses a process of consultation, surgical technique, and follow-up to achieve carefully planned and realistic results. He knows the surgical process not only affects the surface but results are also felt psychologically. His clinic’s medical aesthetic division specializes as well in non-surgical techniques to improve physical appearance and wellbeing. Changing the way you look not only affects how you see yourself but also how you approach and treat others; plastic surgery has a long-lasting impact on a person’s lifestyle and Dr. McLean is committed to making that impact the best it can be.

Dr. McLean offers a full range of aesthetic services in his full-function clinic. He sees his typical client as an everyday woman for whom he tries to keep fees as low and reasonable as possible. He is an approachable man with a strong work ethic and a kind personality who wants to help you reach your highest potential and make his world a more beautiful place. Dr. McLean specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery as his private practice in Mississauga, Ontario. His philosophy is to define plastic surgery as a creative science used to solve a patient’s struggles in dealing with their own physical imperfections.

Dr. McLean’s areas of expertise are in facelifts, breast enhancement, and body sculpting with a special emphasis on short-scar facelifts, breast augmentation and tummy tucks. He is comfortable using a wide range of techniques that allow him to tailor solutions to your individual needs. Dr. McLean regularly attends national and international conferences in order to keep his knowledge and skills up-to-date. His level of expertise is well known within the North American cosmetic surgery industry and we can evidently see this in the success of his own private practice, McLean Clinic, which has been running beautifully for almost 25 years.

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