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Lifted Breasts and a Lifted Spirit

Wow, I can’t believe the transformation of my breasts! I’ve had 3 children and it was really important to me to nurse them for as long as I could. I’m so happy I was able to offer that care to my children, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but my breasts were completed changed in the...

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Feeling Transformed

Dr. Hugh McLean is great at what he does. I had a 3-day facelift, which was perfect for me and my lifestyle. I’m busy at work and couldn’t take off much time from work, so it was so convenient to have a speedy recovery and be able to get back to my job quickly. Not to mention, I’m loving my...

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3-day facelift

My schedule is all over the place and I wanted to have a face lift but finding time with my schedule was extremely hard. I heard about Dr. McLean’s 3 day face lift from a colleague and I am glad that I did! I am very satisfied with the results and the recovery time was even quicker than expected....

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Completely changed my life

My experience with Dr. Hugh McLean was great! I had the mommy makeover and I have no complaints! I wasn’t at my best and I knew it but everything has changed since the surgery. I am feeling super confident and happy about the way that I look! The procedure isn’t cheap at all but it was worth it...

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3-day face lift perfection

Dr. McLean has left me very satisfied with the results of my 3-day face lift. I have a pretty hectic schedule so I needed something quick that would help to improve my look. The recovery time was very quick and I was able to get back on schedule shortly after. If you lead a busy lifestyle but you...

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Dream Team

My experience with Dr. McLean was absolutely brilliant – his mommy makeover is the best thing ever. I went from feeling run down to an extremely confident mama. All things considered, the cost of the makeover was on the expensive side but it was truly worth it. My kids and husband have noticed the...

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Smooth sailing with Dr.Mclean

My experience with Dr.Mclean has been nothing short of wonderful. I was able to get the 3-day face lift since I have a busy schedule. I felt extremely confident going into the surgery since he provided me with all of the knowledge I needed and once the surgery was completed, I was able to get back...

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Dream mommy makeover

I went to Dr.Mclean to get the full mommy treatment with his “mommy makeover” - I am thrilled with everything that I had done. I was able to go from older looking mom to new, fresh and vivacious mom. The cost of the mommy makeover wasn’t cheap at all considering all of the things I had done...

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Thorough and answered all questions

My experience with Dr. McLean was wonderful. He was very thorough and answered any questions I had. I felt very confident going into the surgery but I also felt very confident coming out of it. It’s been two months since and I have absolutely no regrets.

Very smooth procedure

Very happy with the professional service Dr. McLean offered. He was friendly and courteous, with an excellent bedside manner. My BA procedure went very smoothly and I have had many compliments post op with the way my body looks now. I was very impressed with everything and I wouldn’t hesitate to...

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