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My new nose is awesome

Dr. Edelstein’s a great and professional surgeon - I can’t believe how natural my new nose looks! It looks perfect with the rest of my face, and he gave me great advice about my options and really helped me through the recovery process. I feel way more confident and attractive. I’ve thought...

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Loving my Tummy Tuck!

Dr. Edelstein is a great surgeon. I’ve never liked my belly, and it was way worse after I had twins. My self-esteem was way down but Dr. Edelstein gave me a whole new look. My belly is way sexier and I feel so much more confident. I can wear clothes now that I never would’ve worn before. I’d...

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Breast implants with Dr. Edelstein

Dr. Edelstein is very professional and gave me a very natural look! I am so pleased with the results and I feel much better about my chest during beach season. Thank you Dr. Edelstein and his staff!

My booty

My experience with Dr. Edelstein was great. He gave me the booty that I had always dreamed about! I feel beyond amazing right now based on the results and my self-esteem is at its best! My assets look really great no matter what I’m wearing and all of my clothing looks much better on me now. I am...

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Breast augmentation surgery

My experience with Dr. Edelstein was great! He was extremely professional and honest with me about breast augmentation surgery. He knew I wanted a natural look and he gave me that! I was scared at first about surgery but he gave me the knowledge and reassurance that I needed. I don’t have much...

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A+ results for my butt lift

I really wanted to have a little more junk in my trunk so I booked an appointment with Dr.Edelstein and it was worth it! He was able to give me the exact look I wanted and has made me feel way more confident when I am slipping into jeans, a dress or leggings. I am so happy with the improvements that...

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Better outlook, better look

WOW is all I can say - I feel so good about my new set of breasts! I went to Dr. Edelstein to get the breast augmentation procedure completed and my chest has never looked better. He is professional, friendly and made me feel comfortable right away. I was able to open up to him and he was empathetic...

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Bringing sexy back

Dr. Edelstein is a great surgeon with the skills you need to perform the butt lift that I so badly needed. I was able to go from saggy to bubbly and I love it. He’s been able to give me the look I wanted and now I feel much better about my body. I am beyond excited to wear things that I never...

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Did my research

I did my research before even meeting with Dr. Edelstein and from the first meeting I knew I’d made the right decision. His approach was both humble and sincere, he explained things thoroughly to me but stayed away from selling me the most expensive product. I felt like he saw me as a person...

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Relaxed and Patient

Dr. Edelstein is relaxed and patient, and gives you all the time you need to ask and answer any questions. I saw him for rhinoplasty surgery, something I wanted for a very long time and in retrospect I can’t believe I waited so long to get it done. In the future I won’t wait so long to get under...

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