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Way more Comfortable

Dr. Carman did my breast reduction and I feel so much healthier, happier, stronger and more attractive! My breasts had been way too big for years and it was really hard on my back, but Dr. Carman did a great job and I feel way better.

A great surgeon for nose jobs

I’m so happy I went to Dr. Carman for my nose job. He does great work and is so professional and reliable. He gave me all the info I needed, and he gave me a fantastic new nose! I feel so confident about my new look, thanks so much Dr. Carman.

A+ results

Dr. Carman has 25+ years of experience in the plastic surgery field, he really knows what he’s doing. He performed liposuction on me and now my body looks better than ever and I have him to thank!

Kardashian style lips

I was never happy with my lips until I went to Dr.Carman for lip enhancement! I have nice full-Kardashian type lips now and I couldn’t be happier!

Good reputation and good results

With 25+ years of experience, Dr. Carman really knows what he is doing. He is honest with you about what will work for your body. I went to him for liposuction and my body looks great. I would recommend him!

Nice full lips

My lips look great and I have Dr. Carman to thank for that! I went to have lip enhancement surgery performed and I am so satisfied with my nice full lips!

Good experience with Dr.Carman

My experience with Dr.Carman was very pleasant. He is knowledgeable with 25+ years of experience. You can tell he is very passionate about his work and he wants to make sure that your experience is a good one. He performed lipo on me and I am happy with the end results. My body looks and feels so...

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I have such beautiful lips now

I went to Dr. Carman for lip enhancement surgery and I am floored about how my lips look now. He gave me the look I’ve been dreaming of for years!

Real Professional!

What a professional! Breast enhancement surgery is something I’ve wanted for a very long time. I’ve been thinking about it and saving for it for the last 10 years. Dr. Carman was excellent the whole way through. Now that I’m back at work, I feel and look great and I know who to thank for it!!

Hand treatment

I met with Dr. Carman to discuss treatment on my hands and was very happy with the vibe he gave off from the very beginning so I knew that I could trust him. He was very informative and I found the staff to be incredibly supportive. My hands look like they did 20 years ago and I couldn’t be...

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